《1-1》Trial Character Information【Danganronpa Create】

Sets the basic information for the character.

EXCEL format file

Version 1.0 2020/05/17

Input explanation

Enter a name in the “Character Name” column. (No duplicates allowed).
   ⇒Example: Moudoku Takenoko
The names entered will be used very often, for example, in speech scenes during a trial.

Enter only alphanumeric characters in the “Initial” column. (No duplicates allowed).
   ⇒For example, if your name is “Modoku Takenoko”, it is recommended that your initials be “Modoku” or “Takenoko”.
Initials are not displayed in the game, but are required because they are used to refer to folders and files.

In the “Second Name” column, as the name implies, you can enter “Unlimited” or something like that.
   It can be set to any level of “Unlimited”. (No duplicates allowed).
   ⇒(“super high school pianist” or “mediocre cleaner”)
It will be used to introduce the person at the time of the court vote.

The “seat number” row is the number that determines the position at the time of the trial and the order in which the trial vote will take place.
 Seat number 1: In front of the character in seat number 9 and the monokuma (▲ position).
 Seat No. 2~16: Seats are arranged in a clockwise direction from Seat No. 1.
 Seat number 17 (Monokuma seat): The position is ▲.
 Seat number 18,19: This is used when there is an additional character other than 16 people.
  ⇒You can’t set the seats for additional characters here.

Output explanation

This information can be used as an output sheet, so please create a CSV file by selecting “CSV UTF-8 (comma-separated)” as the file type from [Save As].