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  ある人間が妄想を捗らせ過ぎた世界  ~A world in which a man's delusions have gone too far~

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・Packen Storyにおけるキャラクター(以下キャラクター)、立ち絵、ゲーム等の著作権は全て私にあります。

















・本キャラクターの非営利での利用は、 上記の事項を遵守して頂けるなら使っていただいて構いません。その場合、任意ですが作者(及び著作権)が「猛毒タケノコ/Poison Takenoko」であること及びサイトのリンクを表記していただけると幸いです。



▼About copyright
I own the copyright to all characters, drawings, games, etc. in Packen Story.

▼Prohibited item
Political expression: Total prohibition.

Religious expression: Use for the purpose of propaganda or solicitation is prohibited. A total ban on new religions.
(Ancient religions such as myths, original texts of world religions (e.g., the Hannya Shin Sutra, etc.) and songs (hymns, etc.) are acceptable)

Sexual expression: no restrictions
Gross and violent expressions: no restrictions

▼About redistribution
It is completely prohibited to use sound sources, illustrations, models, games, and other copyrighted materials.
 Redistribution is prohibited for any reason whatsoever.

▼About commercial use
For commercial, commercial, and corporate use, please consult with us about the real sound source and characters.
However, any model downloaded or created on this site will be subject to the terms of use of the site and blog.

Characters are free to use as long as they are within the scope of their personal activities, such as doujin, as long as they comply with the terms and conditions of their derivative works, even if they involve the exchange of money. In that case, it’s optional, but we’d love it if you could report it.

Please consult with us about the real sound source even if it is within the scope of your personal activities such as fan fiction.

We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this work. Thank you for your patience.

▼About Fan Fiction
Fan art is allowed for all characters. As for non-fan art (e.g., manga), only characters whose images below exist on the page are allowed.
We are planning to open it in due course, so thank you for your cooperation.

Actions that may cause trouble to others or significantly reduce the value of the character are prohibited.

If you have contact with another character, please check the other party’s terms and conditions.

You are free to use this character for non-commercial purposes as long as you comply with the above terms and conditions. In this case, it would be appreciated if you could indicate that the author (and copyright) is “Poison Takenoko” and provide a link to the site.

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